The 180 Investment Strategy

Implementing efficient and effective policies that quickly turn mismanaged properties into high-performing assets.

180 Multifamily Investment Strategy
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Creating Opportunity Before it Can Knock

Through identifying true value-add opportunities and a resident-focused approach, 180 Properties has successfully managed the construction, rehabilitation, and operations of countless “A”, “B”, and “C” multifamily assets. We don’t wait for a property to become high-performing, we build in success from the ground up.
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A True In-House Operation, 180 Handles it All From Acquisition, to Management, to Financial Success

180 Multifamily Properties' core values is to build a multifamily investment platform specializing in value add properties. 180 Focuses in the acquisition and operations of “A”, “B and C” multifamily assets. Its related company, 180 Multifamily Properties, has managed construction, rehabilitation, and operations of all of its projects. 180 attributes its success to identifying true value added opportunities throughout the Texas and surrounding states.
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Why Invest With 180 Multifamily?

Our goal is to grow at the right pace with the right assets and the best team. Our value proposition is the belief that it all starts with the resident. If the resident is happy with their home, then will be successful as operators. Creating an environment of efficient and effective policies to take mismanaged properties and turn them into high performing assets in their submarket.


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